source code

Hi Everyone,

This is my first posting in this forum and I am new in the OSM world.
from this link I found

But only jar files here

Can anyone please tell me how to get the java source code for JOSM and others?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, and welcome!

JOSM is developed elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Bit of shame really that JOSM has a seperate subversion, bug tracker and wiki. Obviously it’s a logical separation, but these community driven bits n bobs get more active when they’re lumped in to form a larger community don’t they? Actually I seem to remember a (very old) mailing list post where the original JOSM author was saying he would have liked to put it in the central repo, but there were some administration permissions issue.

Also… what’s the point in having the jar files checked into OSM’s subversion. Just creates confusion no? Maybe a little readme.txt file there would help.

I have got the source code here
But no documentation about the source code.

Hmm, my colleagues always tell me that the code documents itself. :smiley:

No seriously, I think that if there is documentation, then it will be on that site…

Indeed there isn’t, but it’s not difficult to generate it with a bit of javadoc magic.

Here it is anyway - (don’t go mad using it however).