SotM workshop on Overpass API

Hello everybody,

My SotM workshop will be partly or mostly dedicated to a HowTo-and-Q&A session about Overpass API. This is an experimental format; I would like to test out whether this works as a workshop or not. The stuff about thinking outside the box of the OSM data model shall fill only a minor part - I can be conveyed better in writing anyway.

For this purpose, I would like to collect questions to prepare beforehand or get at least an idea what subjects you are interested in. So, even if you have no particular question, feel free to pick one or some topics as most interesting.

Sample topics could be, other topics are welcome as well:

Data analysis:

  • How can I analyse tag distribution
  • Can I mimic taginfo for my personal region and should I?
  • Cross-check data models for applications whether they will work: have bus stops a name and what are bus stops really?

Quality assurance:

  • How to track changes in my region
  • How to track changes on my favourite tag
  • What should I cross-check if I cannot refrain from doing a mechanical edit: examples “FIXME” and “operator”

Base techniques:

  • How to query all elements on a specific level
  • How to handle units in tag values
  • What to do with the global bounding box
  • Common cases for regular expressions in Overpass API

Using Overpass API from other tools:

  • JOSM: things you should know
  • uMap: One-Time-Imports and/or dynamic queries
  • OpenLayers, Leaflet: up-to-date how-to-build a slippy overlay
  • Python and other programming languages

Usage Policy

  • how and when quotas are enforced
  • misbehaviour they really happens

Implications of the GDPR

You can of course also pose questions live on stage. But these are expected to take more time and maybe get worse documented. So, as a courtesy to the fellow audience and those who stay at home, please choose your questions now and tell me.

You can answer to the list or directly to me, whatever you prefer.

Best regards,