SotM EU/PL 2018


I’d like to contact with organizers of SotM 2018 in Milano, because we plan to organize regional conference in Poland in April, and I’d like to make sure nobody has a problem with such similar venues in the same year. Whom I could talk to and which channel is preferred?

I write to you privately :slight_smile:

We will hold the italian conference on February, so it’s definitely not a problem for us.

Alessandro Ale_Zena_IT

I would like to know if using the name “SotM EU 2018” wouldn’t be a problem for you? I’ve been told that traditionally SotM EU was organized for those, who can’t afford to travel to the other continent on SotM, so it might look like stealing the show. I don’t feel personally that’s an issue, but it’s better to ask, of course.

Our main topics would be micromapping, area:highway, indoor mapping, 3D and regional issues. Feel free to attend.

You probably mean a specific Italian regional one? SOTM2018 in Milano is scheduled for 28-30 July 2018 according to this Wiki page:

Yes, it’s Foss4g-it 2018

Dear friends,
the conference is in Poznan (very italian polish city, many architects from Italy made here their projects :slight_smile: ).
13 and 14.04.2018 we make local conference in Poznan, Poland:

Conference building:

Marketplace Poznan:

We wish to talk / discuss especially about 3D high resolution maps (micromapping / area:highway mapping / enhancing of 3D specification) but also about local cooperation of eastern european countries.

We have still a lot of things they can be done better.
I think, this is a good place to discuss optimizing of recent OSM specification in above mentioned areas.

There is the page of the conference:

So, I’m hoping to see a lot of you there, even if the conference language is english!