SOTM EU Developer Meetings

I’m going to be attending SOTM EU, as will many developers. With most of us never seeing each other in person, this would be a good time for some of us to meet and make plans that impact multiple projects. I’ll be in town on Wednesday and would love to discuss overall direction for projects I’m involved in.

If you’re interested, please send me a message so we can sort out a time. If you also want to meet people before and after the conference, feel free to post here.


I plan to be coming on Thursday, with train scheduled to be arriving at 12:35 - and would gladly meet people.

I’m in Łódź now and I’m sure others are too. I’m in a hotel along Aleja Adama Mickiewicza street in Piotrkowska. It’s not far from the other hotels by the venue. Send me a DM somehow (Discourse, email, DM, Discord, Element, etc) if you want to meet. I’ve been working on my presentation for Friday.

I’ll be going out to dinner at some point.

I am arriving tomorrow, relatively early (around 13:00 I should be available already, though I am going to meet also with other people)