Someone heard of VR Seremban?

I’ve no clue what it is but it doesn’t seem like a genuine POI.
It’s tagged as a restaurant but it doesn’t seem to actually exist, for e.g.

There’s more of such POIs from this person, should I delete?

Obviously, no :D.

I have reached this user many months ago by commenting on one of the edits. Luckily this user replied,

Just a suggestion, you may leave the nodes and their tags intact. Probably don’t delete eveything, just remove (or edit - if you fancy this way) their name, but add diet:vegetarian=yes and/or diet:vegan.

Ok, thanks. Just weird that a restaurant can be in a petrol station.
I’ll leave it alone and go check when I pass by that area. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently I assumed that the restaurant (the label is not rendered by Mapnik) is placed near an alley…

It sure does look that way from the map, I would have thought the same had I not passed by the area many times.
Should the “service roads” be removed? They’re not roads but typical to other petrol stations, they’re just entrances to it’s compound,
the drawing merely shows the entrances and exits.

In this case; on-the-ground confirmations like this; has the greatest priority in OpenStreetMap. If I were you, I’ll definitely delete the place in the first place.

BTW I’m away from (my primary PC’s) keyboard - so I’m not able to cross check with imageries :stuck_out_tongue:

My usual practice is not to remove all the service roads:

Red lines would be where I would put the service roads. Notice that my suggestion includes a removal of one service road. The blue square is how I would map the petrol station. Unfortunately, only Mapbox satellite is viable across the place, so, yeah… this is just a suggestion (it is purely armchair mapping). Even DigitalGlobe layers are not that good (yet).

My 2 cents:

  1. tag the red line as “alley” if it’s back street of shops / residential buildings.
  2. create a simple entry & exist “service road” for gas station.