Some peak names in Vitosha, Bulgaria


Andy from the Data Working Group here - I wonder if anyone here can help.

Someone was reported to us for “naming mountains after themselves” and for then enforcing those names via an “edit war”. An example can be seen here and the latest change to that (with discussion) is here. It looks to me as if someone called Alexander decided they’d like a mountain named after themselves, and created one. The latest account may have been created as a “sock puppet” to make it appear as if there’s popular use of the name - it wasn’t able to cite a source beyond “local knowledge” (which is fine - if true) and hasn’t done much other mapping.

So - do the names such as “Връх Александър” (and the other ones added by these accounts here and here) look reasonable?

I think they are the result of a rich imagination. I happened to be in that area yesterday, and they are nothing but groups of boulders in an otherwise rather flat area. Alexanderbtodorov even put a few videos of the area on Youtube (it’s within a strict nature conservation area where he illegally entered to make the video). They do not occur on paper maps of Vitosha by 2 leading cartography companies in Bulgaria: Domino and Kartografiya EOOD. Searching for their names mostly results in links to posts by Alexanderbtodorov. My wife has never heard of them either. I think they should be deleted.

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There are peaks at these points according to topographic maps (from 1986 or earlier…) but they are (or were) unnamed. Looking over the internet, only the name “Капакливец” (on Node: ‪Връх Дар от Бога‬ (‪7897657308‬) | OpenStreetMap) on appears Vitosha ski’s website. The rest are only found in YouTube videos by the same user and in his blog.

Looking at official sources (like the Geonames register) I can’t find any of the names (“Александър”, “Дар от Бога” or “Татяна”).

While these peaks could be named like that, I can’t find any information that isn’t coming from the same person, which is a major red flag for me.

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Going back in that user’s edits history, a few more doubtful edits show up, including nodes Node: ‪Алигатора‬ (‪6925277735‬) | OpenStreetMap and Node: ‪Делфина‬ (‪6925270092‬) | OpenStreetMap (previously unnamed rocks that the user found to look similar to certain animals, and added them to the map with those names) and Node: ‪Малък котор‬ (‪4695958299‬) | OpenStreetMap (previously unnamed peak: maybe he though that since there is a Голям Котор, there should be a Малък котор too.
The strangest is Node: ‪Асина могила‬ (‪4535969756‬) | OpenStreetMap renamed from Голяк (as it shows on all paper maps) to Асина могила by this userin early May 2020. Nobody seems to know that peak under that name, as discussed here ПЛАНИНАРСКИ ФОРУМ :: Преглед на тема - Люлин планина (posts by goro_levskara). I searched for when this name first appeared on Internet, and found that it first appears around May 2020. However, there is a plaque on the top with its new name and elevation on it… I wonder if this user put it there, to create on the ground evidence for his edits.

Тези имена бяха обсъдени в планинарският форум преди време - ПЛАНИНАРСКИ ФОРУМ :: Преглед на тема - Събития на група „Лунатични разходки“ - вторник 20:00 часа - няма реален източник за тях.

Thanks everyone. I’ve asked the two accounts that I know of so far to comment in this forum:


If anyone knows of any other accounts, please let us know.

If neither of these users replies within a few days I’ll revert their edits.


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