some objects not rendered by Mapnik


can somebody explain clearly how should we understand the relation between approved features ( and Mapnik rendering?

Let’s take fountain: as you can see the vote ended in 2008-01-06. It is approved. But still cannot be seen in Mapnik renderings.

And there are more: bench, townhall, pipeline (I drew a pipeline and then realized it would not be rendered except its name which is flying freely in the open space.)

Whilst a specific system of tagging a particular feature may have been approved, it may not be appropriate to render that feature on the Mapnik layer. Benches are a perfect example - benches are too small to render even on the deepest level of the Mapnik layer and aren’t necessarily something people want to see.

With regard to the name rendering, this is due to a catch-all rule in the Mapnik stylesheet. This has caused problems before but most of the time it is desirable that the name of an unknown (to the stylesheet, that is) feature is rendered.

“Approved” just means “people on the wiki like it”. It has no standing outside the wiki.

The Mapnik rendering is a set of cartographic choices which aim to produce a professional-looking map, not one with everything on it. If you want one with a fuller set of icons, you should use Osmarender or render your own.