[Solved] Suggestion: new Categories / Templates in OSM-Wiki

Hi :slight_smile:
I would suggest new categories:

The advantage of these categories might be that it would be easier for Users to find Software et cetera which works with the prefered OS. Templetes could be used as well - containing more detailed informations:

What do you think about it? I know a few categories still exist but they could be used more often and contain detailled informations.

(Sorry for my bad english.)

Very good idea, Windows and Linux categories already exist… Sadly even though it might wrk on Windows and Macosx the app might still be difficult to run.

Yes I know. I found category Windows and created Linux. Although I don’t know the correct syntax of OSM-Wiki (we’re using a different Wiki). It would be nice if someone could check if I used it in the correct way. :slight_smile:

Yes - we’ve written an article how to run a few apps under Ubuntu. I’ve linked to this Wiki via google-translate but it would be better to find such instructions within the OSM-Wiki. My english isn’t the very best so it would be difficult for me to translate this article.

Edit: You’ll find the Wiki here: Link - perhaps the Licence is compatible.

To add an article to an category you just edit that article and add


http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Category:Linux helped me to find software for Ubuntu. Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s how I did it. :slight_smile:

Seemed to be a good idea :slight_smile: