[solved] Strange Admin Boundary


there is a little problem with admin boundaries in Canelone(4).

This 2 municipalities are looking fine

but Ciudad de la Costa(8) is overlapping both municipalities - and i think, that must be wrong.

I think the south west part of Ciudad de la Costa(8) is too big - but you should know better.


btw: my main “job” is quality analysis of worldwide admin boundaries; see my signature.

The “problem” is that some cities spans over several municipalities.

Montevideo is an example. You could find more into in wikipedia https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Municipios_de_Uruguay
but I have not checked if this wikipedia page info on borders is right or precise enough to be useful in
The municipalities i mapped were reading the law that created them and defined terir borders.

Anyway, municipality (al6) are not used in address system.

Ok :frowning: