[SOLVED] Roundabout shown in editor but not on map

This roundabout:


is missing on the map, but shows ok in the editor. It also shows ok in navigation apps that use OSM. I’ve made some minor tweaks to the missing roads to try and force an update but it makes not difference. Any suggestions what’s wrong?

I suspect that the problem is that it’s a multipolygon, and that it’s a similar issue to:


That doesn’t mean what you’ve done is “wrong” (I as a human can figure out what you mean), just that the version of the software that loads the rendering database that creates the “standard” map doesn’t understand it.

To work around it, remove the multipolygon and apply the name to each section of road.

Excellent, thank you. Much of this was over my head (I didn’t map it) but I’ve removed the multipolygon as suggested and it’s now showing ok. I haven’t named the roads as although there are some references to that name it’s not one I’m familiar with, it’s not called anything on OS and there are no signs with the name at the roundabout either. I’ve placed a point marker to facilitate location searches.
Thanks for your help