[SOLVED] [JOSM] Can waypoints be made bigger?


I went through the Edit > Preferences menu item, but found no obvious way to make waypoints more legible:

Is there a way to turn those tiny pink crosses into big, red dots, so I can actually see them when adding a Mapnik layer ?

Thank you.

Try right-clicking on the GPS layer’s entry in the “Layers” panel on the top right. Not sure if you can change the size or shape, but you should at least be able to change the color.

(I accidentally edited your post at first instead of replying, sorry about that. :confused: Things should be back to normal now.)

Have you checked these settings?: https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Help/Preferences/Display

Thanks, but no luck with Edit > Preferences > Display Settings.

In the “GPS Points” tab, I tried “Draw large GPS points”, nothing happened. I then tried opened another GPX file to see if it only affected newly-opened files, no change.

I found a work-around: CTRL+A to select them all, and they’ll turn from tiny, clear but squares to tiny, read squares. More visible, but I think it’d be useful if JOSM would let users choose a bigger icon if needed.

Thank you.

If you have right-clicked the waypoints layer in the layers window and ‘converted to Data Layer’…
You can then go to the Selection tab and select all
Then add a tag like ‘airmark=beacon’ or ‘aeroway=apron’ and they will display quite well.
Don’t forget to retag before uploading.

Thanks for the tip.