[SOLVED] How to use/import/convert tracks from VisualGPS in JOSM

I just got my hands on an old Yakumo-PDA with GPS, so I thought about contributing to openstreetmap.
For logging tracks I’m using VisualGPSce. Wiki says these tracks were already used with JOSM, but no info was given how to do it.
Just opening my test-log.txt does not work.
Does anyone know what format VisualGPS produces, so I can convert it with gpsbabel to gpx (or is there a better way)?

My log-file looks something like:













Thanks for any help

I admit to know nothing about VisualGPS, but if you’re able to translate it’s native file format to GPX using GPSBabel then it sure is possible to use with JOSM.

That’s the point :slight_smile: Is it a native format?
I have no idea what format this is and gpsbabel expects me to define the format of the input-file and hope(d) somebody would recognise the format of my logfile.


OK - found it by myself.
It’s NMEA 0183.


And here is the gpsbabel-magic:

gpsbabel -i nmea -f log-in.txt -o gpx -F log-out.gpx