[SOLVED] Form entry things (buttons, boxes) and map not visible


On my side, radio buttons, text boxes, lists etc. used in forms are not visible. The selectable map isn’t visible either.

I tried with IE, Chrome and Safari on Windows 7.

It appears to be related to a HTML comment “overwritten by javascript” that occurs on the source page. Map type selection buttons and manual tile selection button work.


There are currently two problems:

  1. The OpenLayers server which hosts the JavaScript functions to show the map is not responding which breaks the website. I’m trying to implement a workaround for this problem, but…
  2. Somehow I can’t login on the garmin.openstreetmap.nl webserver so I can’t apply the fix.

I’m working on a solution.

Problem is fixed. Thanks everyone who reported the problem (on this forum and by email).

It’s me (and everybody else, I guess) who thank you for fixing it :slight_smile:

You’re (and everybody else, I guess) welcome :slight_smile: