[SOLVED] Equivalent to Google MapsEngine to add markers + routes?


I’m looking for an OSM-based equivalent online solution to Google MapsEngine that lets users add markers and draw routes without any programming:


Ideally, it should be exportable as a KML or GPX file so those infos are available offline on a smartphone.

Is there such a thing?

Thank you.

Then you should have a closer look to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap


Thanks, but I’m still looking for a programming-free, web solution to simply add markers to a location and send the URL to friends.

The wiki says to use “a javascript ‘slippy map’ library”, while the list of web-based solutions is very long.

What is the best alternative to Google Maps to share bookmarks and routes?

Thank you.

For others’ benefit:


It won’t let you draw routes by following roads à la RideWithGPS, but it will let you add POIs and just send friends the URL.