[SOLVED] Downloading all London Cycle Superhighways?


I’d like to ride some of the cycle superhighways built in London.

Does someone of a way to query OSM through OverpassTurbo so I can download them all as KML files, either individually or as a single file?

Thank you.

Edit: Using the following query…

  node["cycle_network"="UK:London Cycle Superhighways"]({{bbox}});
  way["cycle_network"="UK:London Cycle Superhighways"]({{bbox}});
  relation["cycle_network"="UK:London Cycle Superhighways"]({{bbox}});

out body;
out skel qt;

… all I get after importing the KML file into Maps.me in my Android phone is the start/end points as POIs instead or routes:

Any idea what else I could try?

Thank you.

Edit : The routes as actually displayed, but I mistook them for rivers/canals because they’re displayed in blue.

The KML output from OverpassTurbo is a two-part document that includes the following:

<Placemark><LineString><coordinates>-0.2626814,51.5194257 -0.262647,51.5194477 -0.2627257,51.5195352</coordinates></LineString><ExtendedData><Data name="@id"><value>way/264394139</value></Data><Data name="@relations"><value>[object Object]</value></Data></ExtendedData></Placemark>
<Placemark><Point><coordinates>-0.1783676,51.4179697</coordinates></Point><ExtendedData><Data name="@id"><value>node/126368961</value></Data><Data name="@relations"><value>[object Object]</value></Data></ExtendedData></Placemark>

Does someone know if it’s possible to specify a color for a route?

About styling the output from OverpassTurbo, see:



After importing the KML output by OT into eg. Google Maps, I see that it’s a bunch of ways instead of a single section:

-0.2626814,51.5194257 -0.262647,51.5194477 -0.2627257,51.5195352
-0.2620794,51.5186672 -0.2621002,51.5186927 -0.262119,51.5187094 -0.2622209,51.5187678 -0.2622677,51.5187999 -0.2623025,51.5188383 -0.2623282,51.5188713 -0.262473,51.519105 -0.2625407,51.5191978 -0.2626044,51.5192735 -0.262679,51.5193477 -0.2627068,51.5193714 -0.2627151,51.5193898 -0.2627096,51.5194084 -0.2626814,51.5194257etc.

As a result, I get a bunch of parts instead of a single route.

Is there a way to get OT or another piece of software to build a single route from all the ways that make a route (relation)?

Thank you.


I found a work-around:

  1. Ran this once for each relation
    /added by auto repair/
    /end of auto repair/

  2. Exported to KML

  3. Used GPSVisualizer > Google Earth (KML) > Track options > Advanced : Merge all tracks = Yes

  4. Imported each in Google My Maps, renamed Tracks and deleted Waypoints (or edit KML file in any editor, and remove the whole section.)