[Solved] Authentication timeout on BigBlueButton

A few years ago, the OSMF arranged for Cloud68 to host a BigBlueButton instance, osmvideo, for the OSM community’s videoconferencing needs. My local community started using this service during the pandemic because Zoom and Google Meet started getting in the way with too much upselling. If you organize an online OSM meetup, I recommend trying it out. We’ve been extremely happy with osmvideo, and we get feedback from new attendees that they find it reliable and easy to use.

Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago, some of us started experiencing issues joining the usual room. Instead of quickly loading the room, we’d see a frozen progress screen for several minutes, followed by a timeout error:

I’ve reported this issue to Cloud68 and they’re looking into it. Creating a new room on the same instance seems to address the problem. This seems to be working for my local group, so I’m posting this as an FYI in case anyone else is running into the same issue, so that you don’t have to go through the motions of clearing your cache, trying different browsers, adjusting your television set, etc.


Cloud68 has fixed the issue for existing rooms too.

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