[solved]Activating ImportVec

Sorry, please forget the message below (I can’t easily see how to delete it - only to edit)

In fact I see now that OK and Update are different in the plugin list. When I click on OK and restart ImportVec is active and I can load my SVG file. I will surely get back to you for something else.

Thanks and best regards, John

Hello, I am a complete neophyte for OSM.

I am trying to activate ImportVec in JOSM in order to import a SVG file.

If I am not mistaken there originally was no reference to ImportVec in the list of plugins under Preferences.

Anyway, I downloaded importvec.jar and put it in ~/.josm/plugins . Then I saw ImportVec under Preferences and said update (sorry my version is in French - maybe I am not giving the exact command from the English version). It said OK.

But I still do not see any import option under File as explained in the user documentation at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM/Plugins/ImportVec

Could someone please advise me?

Thanks and best regards,