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I have very simple question, please help me. :slight_smile:

I travel a lot, in all europe and I have often no internet in lot of countryside.
I would like a software where I can watch map offline on Windows !
Something exactly like Maps of microsoft 10. Does it exist ?

I would like a software offline, without internet, where I could watch maps like google maps, etc.
Does it exist ? Really I searched during 3 days without result so if one good guy can help me…

It would change my life really.

The short answer is “no” (edit: clearly, no it isn’t, as numerous people have demonstrated below!)

The slightly longer answer is that you might be able to do something with OsmAnd in an Android emulator, but that’s far from ideal.

Another option is to run your own tile server on Windows using something like , but that’s probably more work than is sensible for a “simple” requirement.

In the longer term, a “Windows Subsystem for Android” might appear - it’s been rumoured at places like . That might allow you to run Android software on Windows but it might need (Android) developer support, especially where the graphical differences between Windows and Android are concerned.

The cheapest option by far is simply to “buy a phone”.

Yes you can, with Garmin Basecamp (free software for W10) + OSM offline maps:

Check out Cruiser. It works with offline vector maps such as OpenAndroMaps, the latter being my favorite because they include topo contours, at the cost of a larger file size. You can also tweak the appearance with themes; the OAM accompanying themes are quite flexible, and there are others.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Windows and have barely used Cruiser. OAM and matching themes work quite well in Locus Map Pro on Android, which is where my experience lies. If you can get that app working in an emulator, I think you’d be happy. PS, Locus adds hill shading, a very nice touch.

You might have an easier time finding MapsForge-format maps (for Cruiser or Locus) than Garmin-format maps (for BaseCamp). I see much forum chatter, here and elsewhere, about people having trouble finding the latter.

There are a couple of MapsForge viewers available in the MS Windows store (at least one of : free & non-free). MapsForge is an offline format.

BaseCamp & it’s predecessor MapSource might not look great on PCs but do allow POI search & routing. You need a Garmin format.

QMapShack (successor to QtLandkarte) also visualises Garmin format maps offline.

Try 7 Ways


You can try

and load Osmand’s mapfiles there on a desktop computer.

Hello, when I have Cruiser, maps are very beautifull ONLINE.
But when I want to download OFFLINE it looks to be very old like a W95.

How to find something beautifull like microsoft maps, or online OSM ?

Try different themes in Cruiser. Some themes have many checkboxes to customize. Experiment.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
I just want something likee google map or OSM or microsoft map in my computer offline.
Something nice.