Software for Linux and Legend HCx

I’ve got a Legend HCx, and it would be useful to have some software which I cold use to create routes which could then be saved to the GPS, either directly or just copied onto a microSD card. I use Linux Mint 9, and use IMG maps from Talkytoaster.

I have tried QLandkarteGT, but it won’t open the IMG. It seems to expect a TDB file, which I haven’t got. I looked at mkgmap with the OSM Composer GUI, but nothing happens when I try to run it (OSM Composer, that is).

Any ideas how I can get it to work, or for any other application that is worth a go?

Opening the gmapsupp.img file from Talkytoaster in QLandKarteGT won’t work.
Instead, you need to download one of the “Mapsource” versions from Talkytoaster. It should contain multiple img files (the map tiles), plus the tdb file etc. So you should be able to open that with QLandKarteGT. Just ignore the install.bat file, which is designed for use with MapSource on Windows.

Routes and tracks are stored on the GPS itself, not on the sd card.
Only Mapcource and Basecamp (Windows) and Roadtrip (Mac) can do this, don’t know if there is a Linux program that can do this also.

Maps and POI’s are stored on the sd card

Tracks are stored on the SD card, if you have the “Log Track to Data Card” option ticked in the card setup. That is how I use track data to edit OSM - take the SD card out and copy the GPX file off with a card reader.

I downloaded the Mapsource version as per Vclaw’s reply, and have got the map open in QLandkarte. I can create waypoints with it, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to create any tracks or routes with it.

I also use linux, and I create tracks with the website. You can choose your favorite underlying map while creating a track (google terrain, Bing sattelite, OSM). Then I connect the Garmin device with the USB cable and upload the .gpx track to the GPX folder on the device.

To view the tracks I recorded with the garmin, I use marble on KDE. It would be cool if you could also use marble to create a track, but as far as I know that isn’t possible (yet?).

Hope this is helpful.

With QlandkarteGT, you can also create tracks and routes for a Garmin GPS device.
The program can use downloaded maps and also the online OSM map.

Website project:


And, creating a track

At first, the program wasn’t really intuitive, so I had some trouble to find out how to do all this.
To create a track in QlandkarteGT:
-In section ‘Map’ make sure OSM is on
-In section ‘Overlay’ click on distance polyline. Now you can create an polyline. This only creates straight lines.
-end polyline creation with right mouse button
-In the info-box, right click the and select ‘create Route’
-In the ‘Routes’ section, right click the new route and select ‘calc route’
-The route is calculated via the ways on the map
-Right click on the new route and select ‘make track’
Now you can choose to upload this track, or to save the .gpx file (file → export geo data) and put it on the Garmin device manually.

Good luck.