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I have a question about rendering of trees. In “Xanten” I have begun to expand the archaeological park. These individual trees and tree rows tagged. (natural=tree(_row) / leaf_type=broadleaved / height=x)
F4 has indeed currently sync problems. Therefore, the first question to osm2world.
The trees are represented still mixed despite the correct tagging.
The specified size (height) is not displayed correctly. Can one still expect improvements.
Are there stages in the rendering of tree heights?
Sorry for my bad english.

Greetings Rogehm

leaf_type is quite a recent tag and is not yet handled in f4 map (

it might be the same for osm2world

Indeed, the new tags are not yet supported in OSM2World. However, I have written a patch that will introduce support for them. It will be enabled after some more testing.

The height key is supported, though, and given the visible difference between the 8, 9 and 14 m high tree rows, it appears to work.

I’ve added very basic leaf_type handling needleleaved => coniferous and broadleaved => deciduous