Slow Progress?

The OSM mapping of India seems to be moving very slowly. Are there too few of us?

Yes, too few.

how do we spread the word? has anyone tried working with schools etc as projects for field trips?

Yes there was some events in India. You can find this events in our wiki. [1] Maybe this helps. But if you look inside the statistic data, you will find that maybe 10 Indian guys are working longer the one year in OSM. All other create one to ten changesets, like “I live here” or “my vilage”, and so on. In the southern part of India are at the moment more local active mappers. In the northern part mostly forreigners.


Yeah, I saw. Just wondering how we can speed up the contributions. I was wondering if its possible to get some schools involved, as part of a Geography class. Let me see if I can speak to some people I know working with schools.

One problem regarding this also a very slow internet connection (still in kbps). Bit hard to motivate people to keep sitting and wait hours to download and upload map data :(.

The only possible solution for slow Internet is working with JOSM, means the download of parts of the map. When You´re finished with changes You can upload the changes.
In ths case You can wait for the favorable time…

Another possible way to increase publicity for OpenStreetMap might be to try and present about OSM on various relevant trade shows and conferences. It seems like in the past there has generally been positive feedback to that kind of participation. Manning a little booth and showing off the great things one can do with OSM is often a great way to attract new members to the community.

With India being strong in the tech business, there might be some good opportunities to present it to a receptive crowd.

True. Any case studies of such booths?

like to know that such things have happened. but the second even was either not done or the wiki page was not updates.

How about involving IT companies… Give a short lecture on standard tags and basic mapping… They can map areas they know… This can be utilized as a group building session or an activity during a break etc…

Mapping Progress in Bangalore till 2012

IT cities are performing well. Look at Bangalore, Chennai, Pune…

Perhaps we need to include colleges and universities. How to do that?