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Is this a top-level category or a subcategory?


Description of its purpose and which open mapping groups it will serve

Replacing the Slovenia forum

Why is this new category needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

Replacing the Slovenia forum

Is this a new space or does it already exist on other platforms? Where?

It exists in the soon-to-be-retired OSM forum: users: Slovenia / OpenStreetMap Forum

Current volume of messages on the former platforms, if any (per week/per month)

In the range of 10 messages per month

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

Ideally the old messages could transition to the new one

(Optional) A link or list of the category specific guidelines


List the usernames of the category moderators

  1. @StefanB - (OSM, HDYC) long time hobby OSM contributor, earliest(?) in Slovenia
  2. @DavidKarlas - (OSM, HDYC) professionally working with geo opendata, developing OSM import tools
  3. @MitjaJez - (OSM, HDYC) long time hobby OSM contributor
  4. @martianfreeloader (OSM, HDYC) long time hobby OSM contributor
  5. @mk2k22 - (OSM, HDYC) newer, but very active contributor

Logo of the local community: File:OSM Slovenia Logo.svg - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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Thanks for the request.

While we wait for the proposed moderators to comment here they are OK with the role, it would be great if you could edit the initial message adding their usernames in these forums and a brief description on why each moderator was proposed. This is asked as part of the process to provide transparency and allow a community conversation to happen here.

It would be good if you can add a third moderator for the category.

As per the current Moderation Selection Criteria note that for the list of moderators to be approved, 5 days of community discussion will need to take place here (always including weekend days) and then a voting poll to validate the list by the community will be open for another 5 days too.

Thanks again!

@StefanB should we also make a sub-category for Ljubljana?

There are about a dozen mappers in the city and some topics are city-specific and presumably not interesting for people elsewhere in Slovenia.

(Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia.)

I would recommend to start using a ljubljana tag initially and see if it becomes too noisy over time. Currently community categories are already subcategories, that can’t have sub-subcategories.

Only top-level categories can, but in order to move a community category to top level it should have a clear need of subcategories because of their topic volume first.



@StefanB was kind enough to ask me ahead of time if I’m OK with me being listed as one of moderators, hence yes, I agree with being nominated.
I wasn’t active in discussions yet.

Our Slovenian sub-forum probably won’t be very active, but at same time we want to provide nice landing forum for any new Slovenian speaking mappers that want to join OSM and having Slovenian sub-forum seems essential.

Thank you,

Yep, language might be an issue for me. I believe I’m the only one who isn’t fluent in Slovene.

So I obviously won’t insist on English.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’d discuss some local topic in English if needed. But defaulting to Slovenian would offer more welcoming experience to many more local mappers.


I’m willing to volunteer also as moderator.

To grow OSM community in Slovenia is crucial to have active forum/community page for new members. Huge knowledge and possibilities that OSM offers can be confusing for new mappers. Place like this is more friendly way to get guided answer how to map.

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Thanks everyone.

@StefanB can you update the initial message (Or add a new one) with a brief description of each suggested moderator? (This is asked to provide transparency and context to the validation of moderators). Thanks!

As per the current Moderation Selection Criteria now the community has 5 days (that must include weekend days) to discuss about this proposal.

After that a voting poll will be opened for another 5 days to validate the list.


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My experience and opinion about the candidates:

  • StefanB: I’ve repeatedly come across edit from this account. They all looked good, following the guidelines and well-spirited. I’ve had a brief private message exchange which was also respectful and constructive.

  • David Karlaš: I haven’t had much contact with this account except for one private message that was very constructive. (sorry for never replying to it!)

  • MitjaJez: I can’t remember any interaction with this account.

I support @StefanB and @DavidKarlas and have no objection towards @MitjaJez (I simply don’t know anything about them).

If needed, I’m also willing to function as a moderator myself, but I believe the above three candidates might be more experienced and better-suited than myself.

Hi, in hopes of getting more Slovenian OSM-ers on board soon, I wouldn’t mind joining the moderator team, either.

As for sub-forums, I don’t think we need one at the moment. We can always add it later, but at this stage (judging from the former forum activity) one main forum would probably suffice.

Hey, @martianfreeloader and @mk2k22 thanks for volunteering i have added you both to the list.

I have also added HDYC links to all candidates in the list so we can better know each other even if we didn’t communicate directly previously.

Besides invitation on the OSM forum:

…I have also posted one on the talk-si mailing list:

so that we have everyone aware and hopefully joining us.

Thanks a lot Stafan! You can add “hobby” contributor to my description as well. And perhaps consider removing “long time” as I’ve only started mapping ~2 years ago :slight_smile:

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Just chiming in to say I support the candidacies of these users.

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Hello again everyone,

Five days have passed for the community discussion so now a voting poll is opened for another five days to validate the final list.

The list will be validated if it gets at least 80% of yes votes. Note that votes (who voted what) are public to help identify any abuses.


Do you approve @StefanB @DavidKarlas @MitjaJez @martianfreeloader and @mk2k22 to be category moderators for the “Slovenia” category?
  • Yes I approve
  • No, I don’t approve (please comment below)

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I have already prepared the entry for OSM Community index, to be merged after this is approved and category created:


The #communities:si category is now created and the approved moderators have been added to the group.

Please make sure you request an update to the OSM Community Index to include this new channel for your community and remove any former/inactive one.

Also, please make sure you edit the “About community category” topic to include a link to OSM Etiquette in your language, you can provide a translation if needed on the wiki.