Skogsbilveier tagged with access=private


Some forest roads (skogsbilveier) around Marifjell in Oslomarka are tagged as private.
See for instance the access road to Vikkelihytta:
Consequently the roads are automatically ignored by routing engines when calculating hiking/biking/skiing routes, even though some of these ways are parts of marked DNT and Skiforeningen trails (See and )

Since these are practically the only instances of forest roads tagged with access=private in Nordmarka, I assume this is a tagging mistake.
Anybody to confirm? Any recommendation for proper tagging?


I would think its a tagging mistake. There have been som big discussions on how to tag forest roads (unclassified/service/track), and a lot of people use access=private for roads that are privately maintained.

I would assume, if there are no gates or fences that the area is freely accessible. Especially for footrouting.

I’m guessing these roads should have an access tag for motor vehicles only.
So instead of access=private it should be motor_vehicle=private.

I have not been there myself. Several web pages about Vikkelihytta and Honsjøhytta state that it is possible to drive and park there.

The private tag was uploaded 9 years ago. Perhaps the access restriction is not valid anymore.

Thank you for your suggestions,
I will tag these forest roads with motor_vehicle=private, except for the access roads to Vikkelihytta and Honsjøhytta where I will use motor_vehicle=permissive instead.

Or the mapping rules were different 9 years ago :slight_smile:

allier: It might also be that it should be tagged with toll instead of private/permissive. Without knowing i would rather not use access tags at all.

I think you are right: in this specific case it probably makes more sense to remove the access restrictions altogether.
The initial value “access=private” looks like a tagging mistake (if I am not mistaken “access=private” contradicts the Norwegian public right of access for non-motor vehicles in forest areas) and other values like “motor_vehicle=private” or “motor_vehicle=permissive” cannot be ascertained without a survey.