Skobbler reported "bugs"

Hi Everyone, I’ve not been OSMing for quite a while but I had a go with Potlatch 2 this evening around York where I live.

I notice that that there are quite a few “bugs” around the place reported by Skobbler (which I’d never heard of until this evening)

In particular things like “The advised route is leading me into a blocked street.” An example is #38471 which is reporting a “bug” that Dove Street is a dead-end.

Well, yes, it is! So??

Is this not a Skobbler bug rather than an OSM one? OSM is correct.

What should I do with these bugs?


First of all you can access to skobbler related bugs in a better way via the portal Maybe there you can see more details about each bug. Sometimes you even have a GPS trace from the bug reporter and the route that was planned by skobbler to navigate the user.

When you are quite sure that this bug is more related to skobbler itself rather than to the OSM data i think there is nothing against solving that bug and give a comment there that the problem seems to be more related to skobbler.

As you can see, many of these reports are by users exploring the app in their SmartPhone and pressing the ‘bug’ icon. In other cases, they report something that’s a problem to them (traffic backups, wanting to avoid toll roads, accident, etc), but is not related to OSM data. And in others, they report something like a wrong turn but is it not located where the problem occurred, and therefore is not possible to fix.