Sitka, AK import request

Hello, I have drawn a lot of buildings for the city of Sitka, Alaska (57.05, -135.33) and I regularly edit the Sitka area on OpenStreetMap. I would like to import the buildings I’ve drawn into OpenStreetMap. I drew them with imagery from the City that was paid for with public funds. It is far superior to the imagery provided from Bing. For instance, in the Bing imagery, some parts of Sitka aren’t even visible due to cloud coverage (57.0490/-135.2300).

There are 3,755 features in the shapefile I’m hoping to import. I will maintain the transfer of tags from current buildings drawn in Sitka to the new, imported ones. There are approximately 400 buildings currently drawn in the Sitka area of the OpenStreetMap.

Following the import guidelines here ( I am hoping to gain community support.

Thank you for reading. Please help point me in the direction I need to go if this is not where I should be posting.


Hi, Thank you for your contributions to OSM! Your plan appears to be well thought out, so I don’t foresee a problem after it has been reviewed. Will your import include address data?

To walk through the import steps, create a Wiki entry in the Import/Catalogue page, then send out a similar message to the mailing lists -


Please allow several weeks for participants to review the plans before proceeding with the import if there are no other issues found.

It’s approaching the 2 year mark since this post and to be honest, the work deterred me from following through. Recently, a local mapper new to the OSM community encouraged me to do this import.

So here is the wiki page and I’ve emailed the 3 mailing lists. If anyone has any tips I’d be very happy because I don’t know how to do this.

I was reading up on one municipality that put their buildings and addresses into a PostGIS database and then merged the points with the buildings? Or something like that. Sounds tough, but I’m willing to put in the work to figure this out.,_AK/Buildings_Import

I finished this import project! Check it out if you want