Site URL to "communities"

I propose that the site be served from the hostname “” instead of the current url. The UN isn’t the United Nation either. No need to go beyond what is achievable in life time.

Addendum: This is not a plea to recreate the nation state / country code segregation. Much to the opposite: The country code debates ought to be seperate from the language based discussions. My personal view on this subject here.

Hi and thanks for the request.

If I remember correctly the decision behind using “Community” was that the forum is a space for the “OpenStreetMap Community” understanding “community” as the combination of all actors and groups around open mapping.

@Firefishy @Tordanik I don’t know if you remember how that decision was made for context.

The community name was based on looking at other projects using discourse and seeing what names they use. I didn’t want to call this site based on the name of the software.

The plural form is interesting, but I am already a bit worried the name is difficult to spell for non native English speakers (and poor spellers like me) :wink:

See a list of sites: Communities powered by Discourse | DiscourseHub , many used “community” form, none use communities and a few use “forums”.


How about adding a redirect from “communities” to “community”? That would help people who can’t remember whether we’re using the singular or plural. (And protect against squatting by another OSM community. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Alias added. Certificates will automatically update in next few hours.


Fine with me, was a late evening idea anyway, that sprung from a typo. Communities better reflects the diversity aspect of openstreetmap, that is going strong. Please keep this aspect alive, even as we aspire to become a single community, where all the people act in concert. As long as discussion remains civil, diversity should be welcome.