Site spécial franchissable / Bijzondere overrijdbare bedding (F18)

The SSF/BOB is limited by a kerb or any other obstacle (like here), Belgian law doesn’t consider it to be part of the roadway.

Should it be mapped with three linestrings, two for cars lanes and one for the special site that may be used by buses or emergency vehicles ?

Or just one linestring and 2-3 where there are platforms ?

If the road has tram tracks in the middle, you might want to map it as such:

  • One-way road on each side for motor traffic
  • Tram tracks as separate ways drawn exactly where they are
  • Service road in the middle, which might be used e.g. for buses.

Example here: Way: ‪Avenue Rogier - Rogierlaan‬ (‪421783885‬) | OpenStreetMap

Arflha, In the example you provided, there are no buses, hence you may dispense with the service road in the middle.