Site for uploading track video

Hello there,

We are testing the new site for the owners of car DVR (digital video recorder) devices with GPS tracker. We allow to upload track video file + GPS track log file and the site will show video synced in real time with route progress shown on map. So for those who uses DVR+GPS tracker for OSMing, video data is not garbage anymore.

We force to publish both video data and route track data under CC, so route data we collect might be theoretically used for OSM too. At the long term this might become a big database of routes allover the world - a kind of OSM subset, but with video data. I think this might be quite fresh and interesting, so those who also likes the idea and has some video+gps data to upload are welcome to beta at


Sounds great! I shall check it out, quite unique (the syncing with the progress on the map). is really so good website and also have a good collection of website. i am watch some videos and these are interesting. I will also iinterested to uplaod some good videos and upload as soon as possible. not working :frowning:

But I hope you will benefit this site
There user can search video on map and then simultaneously view video and map (the label on the map moves in sync with the video).