Single Track Motorcycle Tracks/Paths...

I haven’t started mapping single-track motorcycle paths/tracks yet because I see some problems with the tagging.

Option 1
Guidance on NPS trails says make them highway=track, motorcycle=yes

Option 2
This wiki says highway=track, atv=yes because “atv=yes” implies motorcycle and restricts width to less than 50".

Option 3
There’s a third possible combination with highway=path and motor_vehicle=yes or maybe motorcycle=yes.

Problem with both options 1 and 2 is that its still rendered as a track and there is no style change to indicate there would be a width challenge for a automobile. The data is there to prevent routing by the routing engine, but no visual queues in the rendering to tell me I’d get stuck in a jeep.

Option 3 fixes the understanding of width in a rendered map, but unfortunately the default access is no motor vehicles and, there is no visual queue to tell otherwise.

Why on earth don’t we have something smaller than a track that can be used for motorized vehicles (ATV, Motorcycles, Electric Bicycles)?

Snowmobiles are at least adjacent to that category of vehicles (with the added difficulty of weather dependent access).

I think option 2 isn’t a way to tag a motorcycle trail, it means that ATV trails are usually open to motorcycles. atv=yes with some tag to eliminate 4 wheel vehicles would be a bad design.

highway=path with appropriate access tagging is probably the best short term answer. Per there are 5080 uses of highway=path motorcycle=yes on ways, so it is at least becoming established. I think maps do well to pay careful attention to other access tag on highway path (like they shouldn’t show it unless there is an access tag), so it probably isn’t making a new problem to use it for motorcycles.

That’s going to depend on whichever map you’re looking at, obviously - a bunch of map styles (and routers) do take into account an explicit “width” tag: