Simple 3D Building Editors? What are the current options?

Do any simple 3D Building Editors exist? Were the detailed Manhattan buildings created just using JOSM? Are there are other options?

Is there an appetite in the community for a new dedicated 3D OSM building editor?


Manhattan is probably not a typical example as the building footprints there are, in part, from an import. But more generally speaking: Yes, 3D buildings are usually mapped with the normal OSM editors, in particular JOSM. There are some optional tools in JOSM to help with 3D mapping, though. Most notably, there’s the Kendzi3D plugin, which actually has some editing functionality to let you interactively modify heights and roof angles, for example. There are also presets for 3D-related tags available.

At the other end of the spectrum you have projects like the sadly defunct OpenBuildingModels (but we’re currently working on launching a new 3D model repository!) which allow users to create models in 3D editors like Blender, upload them to a shared repository and link them with OSM.

There may be some room in between these two for specialized tools that output Simple 3D Buildings. Personally, I’d be more likely to use an editor plugin than a standalone tool, as I would like to not just map the building itself, but also details such as the parking spaces in front, the flight of stairs leading up to the entrance, and the row of bollards surrounding the grounds. But I’m certainly not a representative sample.

What about ?

Thank you very much for the replies. I checked out I was not aware of that one. It needs some work as it does not seem to handle gabled roof direction correctly. It also does not handle hipped roofs but it has potential to be a fun tool.

Maybe this one (SketchOSM, currently in beta) will work for you:

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