Sidewalks in Gwinnett County, GA

Let’s talk about a good way to tag ADA compliant sidewalks in Gwinnett County.

Brian - good to hear from you. What are you looking for in tagging ADA compliant sidewalks? I’ve done miles and miles of sidewalks. Some ADA compliant others not so much.

Hey Cliff. Coincidentally my company is working with DOT and several projects across the country. I’m just creating a place here on the forum for local mappers and the ADA researchers to collaborate. I’ve notified 4 Georgia mappers and the researchers will be notified too.

One concern the researchers have is the wheelchair=yes doesn’t really convey all the requirements of ADA accessibility. So what’s a better way to tag it.

Most individual aspects of ADA compliance can be tagged explicitly; some even have established tags already. It would be great to hear from the experts about which attributes they want to express. On the other hand, legal compliance per se would be challenging, because of all the surprising and… innovative ways that localities often find for making something inaccessible.


For anyone that’s interested (and sorry for the late notice), there will be a USDOT webinar this afternoon (Tuesday) at 2PM ET where a project will be talking about how they used OSM data to calculate navigational routes for people with disabilities based on their customized preferences.
Georgia DOT ITS4US Deployment Program Phase 2 Webinar (3-12-24) Registration, Tue, Mar 12, 2024 at 2:00 PM | Eventbrite