I’m unsure how to best use the sidewalk:*:kerb tag. The wiki says to only define it as ‘raised’ if the height is above 3cm, which in the UK is many of them. However, it states that ‘raised’ is used to donate especially raised kerbs, such as where a bus stop is located.

The temptation is to just set sidewalk:*:kerb as yes, but the guidance on this seems to imply that you only do this if you’re unsure of the height of the kerb, rather than stating it’s ‘standard’ (i.e., not lowered or raised or flush).

Any thoughts?

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I agree that this distinction is not well covered by the current definition. Preferably, we want different values for, at least, “higher than normal” (e.g. at bus stations) and “regular height”.

There’s an ongoing discussion regarding this topic (among other open questions) on the talk page:
We didn’t really find common ground on how to call those kerb classes, so your input would be welcome. :slight_smile: