Shp data file like openstreetmap index page

Hi dear
How can i download Shp data file look like openstreetmap index page?

Any body can help me ?
I need shp file look like image attached

Geofrabik offers downloads of shapefiles based on OSM data.
Don’t know whether this matches what you see on That is not a shapefile, that is raw OSM data that was placed in a PostgresGIS database and rendered with Mapnik. There is no shape file in this process.

I need multi color map data that have sea border line same as attached image with road and moution and etc
How can i use that raw data or find that i need
I customize Dotspatial engine , i programming in vs c#

If you want a vector version of the rendered map, you should export as SVG or PDF.

In all cases, if you intend to make significant use the map data for purposes other than contributing to the map, you should mirror the raw data and run your own rendering tool chain.

Tanq all ,answer my question.
Where can i download raw osm data ?

see my link above, Geofabrik offers raw files as well.