Showing "instructions" from geojson file in MapRoulette?

I’m playing around with AtlasChecks and trying to upload and work through them in MapRoulette.

Inside the geojson, which is created by AtlasChecks, there is one field per feature object with instructions. Is it possible to display this in MapRoulette per task as instructions?

"instructions": "1. OSM entity 376728468 has address Cemetery Rd with abbreviated road type \"Rd\". According to conventions, it should be changed to \"Road\"."

P.S.: MapRoulette is obviously not able to process a *.geojson.gz. However, instead of showing an error, the loading spinning wheel is displayed indefinitely.

ok, my fault. I just found it myself in the description in MapRoulette. With {{instructions}} as Task Description it works fine!

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Opened a ticket for this.

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