Showcase #NicelyMappedIndia places

While remote mapping pan India, I frequently stumble upon areas which are different or are mapped in high detail which render beautifully. One instance is Gautam Buddha University in NCR Way: ‪Gautam Buddha University‬ (‪188067195‬) | OpenStreetMap

Rendering in OSMAnd Web:

Rendering in Pretty Maps:

I want to start highlighting these hidden gems in part to encourage mappers to map in detail and in part to appreciate beauty of maps under let’s say #NicelyMappedIndia hashtag.

Do you know of any places mapped in detail on OpenStreetMap in India or something off beat and different that you want to showcase? Share them with wider OSM community here or in OSM India channel and we highlight it from OSM India socials as well. I have already gone ahead and posted first of these post is already out on Mastodon and X.


As suggested by @Vonter , we can use different map styles.

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Prestige Lake Ridge, Bengaluru: Way: ‪Prestige Lake Ridge‬ (‪1118946154‬) | OpenStreetMap

Suggested by @uknown-gryphus and mapped by Arunmozhi


Rosedale Garden Complex, Kolkata: Way: ‪Rosedale Garden Complex‬ (‪320693639‬) | OpenStreetMap