Show partionned Poland overlaid with modern Poland map

Is there a way to see which parts of modern Poland used to belong to Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russian Empire before the first world war, overlaid with a modern map of Poland ?

I mean, I can of course look at old maps, but they do not show enough detail as the exact location of where the Germano-Austrian-Hungarian border, the Austro-Hungaro-Russian border and the Germano-Russian borders used to be.

Probably not on OpenStreetMap: I believe in some places former names have been added, but such names can be a delicate subject in parts of Poland.

The historic places map : has some old maps overlayed on the osm maps.
One of the possibilities is a “Deutsches Reich 1893”
There is an help function which you might need to learn the interface.
The map is developed by a German team and the German forum has a thread on all questions, improvements, etc for this map.

Cool, but unfortunately it is extremely approximative (or at least the one I get). I am pretty sure that what used to be the German-Austria/Hungary border was kept intact to form the modern German/Czech republic and Poland/Czech republic border, but the overlay is more than 10km off in some places.[

Also it shows Bielsko-Biala in Germany, but I am 99% sure this city was part of Austria-Hungary. Finally, it does not show the former border between Russia and Austria-Hungary and also do not show the former border between Silesian and Galician provinces of Austria-Hungary.

EDIT I just didn’t understand how it worked at first. I just had to zoom close enough, and wait longer for data to load. Thanks you very much !