Show lat/long from radius of POI

How can I get lat/lon of all the hotels in a fixed radius i.e. 200km ? The query is very confusing. I did try


for test. But when I change the Bristol to something like kathmandu, I get empty result. Moreover, the XML is more confusing then the query. I just started today on openstreetmap so please bear with me.

Thank you,

Hello Samarpan,

welcome to the forum. The query means "please search me a node marked as pub and with the name Bristol. If you found one, search around this node a bus stop (with maximum 100 m distance).

If you change the name of the pub, there must be a pub with these name. Unfortunately no pub with name “kathmandu” exists worldwide!

Did you know the website ?

Rechauds Georg V. (OSM=user_5359)

So, does that mean, that I would get result of all the pubs around the world having the name Bristol? And yes, I did use turbo service for the results. Also, I wanted to know what is the maximum radius for the close-by search. The documentation doesn’t have much information about the limit. Thank you for your quick reply.


Without bündig box or searcharea: yes, there are six pubs with the name Bristol. I don’t think there is a (technical) maximum. But there is a praticial maximum by the used resources.

Georg V.

Cleared :smiley: I have another question. Can you please explain me what does ( 27.584181,85.2482828,27.7256024,85.3897042 ) actually means in term of geometry

  ( 27.584181,85.2482828,27.7256024,85.3897042);

I read that, they are the lower limit and upper limit of the polygon. But can you please point what is it referring in terms of the shape of the data obtained. In short, what is the position of the two co-ordinates in the matrix.