Show a route on a map and let anyone add notes on it?

Hi all. Not sure if this is the right subforum, please let me know if not.

I’m trying to find a service which lets me show a route on a map to a group of people (I add the route before showing the map to the others), who then can click anywhere on the map to add a note about that place. Preferably they need to be able to add the note without creating an account.

Hopefully also I can add the route(s) by importing a gpx.

Is there anything like this out there? Thanks!

Background, for those interested:

I’m working on a project to map “green” bike routes in the biggest cities in Norway. Routes that are away from traffic, going trough green parts of the cities, making it easier for people to leave their cars at home and find good alternative routs where there’s safer and less stressful to bike. Now we have decided on some routes and will ask people who live nearby for their feedback. It would be nice if people could click on a specific point along the route and add a note saying for example “the route should go to the right here instead of left” or “there’s a lot of traffic here”, etc.

Thank you, Richard. This seems like exactly what I need.

My only issue with it so far is that the embed function doesn’t work for me. When trying to use it on my WordPress page it only displays the “See full screen” link, but not the map itself (it’s a blank area where it should’ve been).

Here’s the code I use:

<iframe width="100%" height="300px" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen src=""></iframe><p><a href="">See full screen</a></p>

Do you know anything about this? If I get it to work, will people be able to annotate the map from the embed? Thanks a lot!

I asked on their GitHub and got it working :slight_smile: