Should we disable comments / commenting for postings

I don’t see any benefit for the option to add a comment to a posting rather than posting a proper answer.
Sometimes the answer to a question is added as a comment and therefore can’t be flagged as “answer”. Also following a conversation via comments is rather difficult.

Is there any benefit / pro to have the comment-functionality?

What and who is affected by this issue/request?


Where on the platform does it happen?

Every posting in every section

How do we replicate the issue?

Expected behavior (i.e. solution)

Disable “comments”

Other Comments


It is supposed to follow the Q&A format of the migrated help website, in StackOverflow style. Sub-commenting helps keeps replies focused as actual answers.
Previously, this was said to be due for shutting down from other technical issues. Haven’t seen any development yet. Forums governance team meeting - 2024-03-14

Personally, I prefer keeping some form of Q&A, and hope a fix can be attempted somehow. Semi-relatedly at the risk of reigniting controversies, there was a debate about how to manage off-topic replies in a discussion post before, where I suggested learning from Github hiding comments marked as off-topic.


To be clear, it’s on where “post voting” is on.That is on by default in “help and support” but can be turned off by users on a post by post basis there.

Tend to agree with this.

I, and am sure many others, use email as my primary interface to the forums. Comments do not make their way into emails, so parts of conversations are kept private for web interface users.

Either all comments need to be part of the email thread or comments should be disabled.