Should this old import be fixed or entirely reverted?

I found an ancient Changeset: 4809768 | OpenStreetMap

It has some truly weird tagging, see Node History: 748738807 | OpenStreetMap

Should it be reverted? Fixed? Would fixing result in object duplicates?

(sorry for not using local language)

The data does resemble a record from the United States NGA GEOnet Names Server (GNS), as the user pointed out. The license is public domain so it would not be incompatible there. If the community or the user could come up with a better classification of mapping the GNS fields to OSM keys, then it should be suitable after the fact.

Yes, license is not a problem here (in such case it would need to be simply reverted).

Question is rather whether it is better to fix existing import with weird tagging or revert and do it from scratch.

I see that majority of imported nodes were deleted 14 yers ago by their author.

I do not opposite the deletion of remained nodes

I cleared these nodes from the import tags and converted them to place=locality. Almost all of them are available on the in the State Catalog of Geographical Names and / or wikidata.