Should this be highway/service or highway/residential or ?

Hi folks, first post, keen to get started on mapping.

Been having a look at my suburb, and not sure how to handle the following.,175.085941&spn=0.001012,0.002642&t=h&z=19

Cul-de-sac, with access roads running of in 4 directions:

  • between no 3 and 9
  • between no 9 and 13 toward 11
  • between no 10 and 15, toward 16
  • between no 4 and 10, toward 8

How do you tag these ? Are the service roads, residential roads. Should I use the driveway=pipestem tag ?



From looking at it in Bing I’d say highway=service, service=driveway. They serve as access to particular properties and not to the general area.


Thanks Bernard :slight_smile: