Should the import notes of the 'Pin je Punt'-campaign be closed?

Hi all,

A year ago, we created thousands of map notes containing information on possible features to import them into OSM. I created a review with statistics about those imports here: Pieter Vander Vennet's Diary | Using map notes for a guided import - 'Pin je punt' one year later | OpenStreetMap

I have tools to close all those notes together. Should I use them and close them as ‘stale’? Or should they remain open? For context: of the datasets that had a good run (at least 10 months), only 79notes remain.

Is it possible to “treat” the remaining notes like the grb maproulette challenge? If yes, I’m into to do a quick survey …

I’d keep most of them open. The toilets one might be a good candidate to close in bulk, as they apparently are very hard to fix. For the other notes, why don’t we do another Notes Mapathon to work on those? For example, in Oostende the benches can be done relatively quickly using Mapillary data extracts. Given that the data goes stale and the Notes don’t close automatically when someone maps a thing without seeing the Note, it does make sense to close the rest of them in a near future.
Oh, and to comment on Thierry: I think something like this could mean we create a link that shows just the import notes and add that link to our WikiProject Belgium/top mapping tasks - OpenStreetMap Wiki

For the toilets, I think that the opinion of @Eebie is the most important as he has actually surveyed them. If he says that he’ll continue to survey them, we can leave them open. If he had enough of surveying them, I don’t think that anyone will fix it and we’ll bulk-close those.

At last, I also tried fixiing a few of the remaining 10% (excluding the Oostende-benches) and these are often cases where no mapillary is available and tree-cover makes it impossible to spot with aerial imagery alone. A note-mapathon might thus not work for the leftovers.

The benches in Oostende have been open for “only” 8 months and have reached 66% completion by now (thanks @A127 !). Personally, I’d still keep those open for at least another 4 months and discuss the eventual closure of them in july/august.

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I don’t understand what you are trying to say…

I live in Oostende en have started to edit OSM more actively the last month.
I’ll try to go through the benches here, but it could take some time as I’m rather busy. So I would also vote to leave these open.

Ik heb mij beziggehouden met Limburg en enkele omstreken. Ik was van plan om nog wat openstaande toiletten, banken en fietsverhuur te doen als ik nog eens in de buurt van bijvoorbeeld Sint-Truiden kom.

Sommige mensen vinden het een vreemde hobby toiletten te gaan fotograferen.

Ik heb nog net een eersteklas toilet gemapt waarvan de muurschildering al gemapt was. Er was geen note maar het was al lang gefotografeerd.

Van mij mag die campagne wel twee zomers duren.