Should Street Names include the Direction?

Hi, I’m adding businesses to my local area. Today I got a comment that “South X Street” does not exist. The current street name is just “X Street”. It should be South X Street. 2 blocks away, after the main intersection, it is correctly named “North X Street”. Business typically indicate direction in their websites and other online listings. I feel the directions should be part of the name, just as the type of street (Ave. Blvd., etc.)

I tried the Wiki but couldn’t find this situation. What is the consensus on how the streets should be named? Thanks!

The answer really depends on the specific locality where you’re mapping. Each locality uses directionals to a different degree. Where are the addresses you’re mapping?

Street cardinal directions are a bit messy in greater Los Angeles. But I think generally in the city of Burbank it looks like there are typically cardinal directions? It might be helpful to link the exact location, if you don’t mind.

But more broadly, if the direction appears in a business’s website, then that’s pretty strong supporting evidence that it should be there. Another resource that can support the case is finding the address on the LA County Assessor’s site: Los Angeles County Assessor Portal, or on the TIGER road overlay. It could certainly be that the current OSM road is just missing it.

Hi willkmis, I am referring to Glenoaks Blvd. North of Olive Ave, it is “North Glenoaks Boulevard” and South it just says Glenoaks Boulevard. I am proposing changing the south section to Glendale (Alamenda Ave) as “South Glenoaks Boulevard.” It just makes sense to me, but wanted to check before making that change. Thanks!

Just checking the LA County Assessors map, I checked the address for Fosters Freeze at 201 S. Glenoaks. And the map clearly shows the North and South designation on its map.

It’s really common in the US for streets in OSM to have directionals whenever there’s supporting evidence. Sometimes this is on street signs but often it is from address data (either imports from the National Address Database, some other source, or individuals adding things from receipts etc).

Some folks seem very insistent that if the sign doesn’t have a directional then OSM shouldn’t and I think that is a pretty narrow view of what OSM can be. It also seems to be the minority view.

I add them whenever I have corroborating evidence.

It seems authoritative sources shows it, so I am adding it for the couple of miles (and multiple ways) where it applies. Thanks everyone!