Should I join?


I would like to help with the Wiki but I’m not sure if I’m able to do it :-).

I’m pretty new to OSM (since october) and just started to use the Wiki more often the last days. My first intention was to translate pages I come across to german but I’m pretty soon found out that there are some inconsistencies and looked for some guidelines. Somehow I came across the Cleanup-page and Wikiteam-page (also got the hint from talk-de).

What are your current projects? On the cleanup-page there is a list of “problems” and for example I could imagine that I go through the GPS-Review page, split it up (as suggested), rewrite some stuff or put the data in a uniform format. Are these the kind of things you want to do? Are there more important things to do?

Do you discuss the projects on the different talk pages?

Bye, Andreas

Yes mostly wiki cleanup projects are discussed on the wiki talk pages. Discussions are spread throughout the wiki on the talk tab of whichever page the change concerns the most. General cleanup ideas spanning many pages, can be discussed on the Cleanup wiki project.

We have a page describing and coordinating some Translation of wiki content: DE:Wiki Translation

Splitting out GPS reviews a bit is probably a good yes. Get stuck in!

In the meantime I’ve found out most things you mention. Nevertheless thanks :slight_smile:

I’m already working on it :slight_smile:

Bye, Andreas