Short URL with a marker and explicit coordinates?


Short URLs with markers have the following pattern:

So - intentionally - they no longer contain the coordinates.

The long URL looks like this:

I’m looking for a URL pattern where the coordinates (and also the zoom level) are explicitly in it, but which is still short.


Is something similar possible?

It is important to me that there are not two pairs of coordinates: one for the marker and another for the center of the map.

I am glad about your advice. Thanks.

German translation:


Kurz-URLs mit Marker haben folgendes Muster:

Sie enthalten also - intendiert - die Koordinaten nicht mehr.

Der lange URL sieht so aus:

Ich suche nach einem URL-Muster, wo die Koordinaten (und auch die Zoomstufe) explizit darin vorkommen, die aber dennoch kurz ist.


Ist etwas Vergleichbares möglich?

Wichtig ist mir, dass nicht zwei Koordinatenpaare vorkommen: eins für den Marker und ein weiteres für die Kartenmitte.

Über euren Rat freue ich mich. Danke.

I think this is the shortest you can make the regular marker links:
That is, you can omit the # character and everything after it. The website will put it right back on (that’s intended to let you easily bookmark or share your current location), but the link works fine without it.

If the reason you want the explicit lat and lon is so you can parse it or generate it with software, note that the shortlink also contains the coordinates, just not as human-readable. Here’s how:


Thanks for your hint : )

Out of curiosity: Were there discussions in the past at OSM to possibly realize even shorter URL patterns?

I had given an example:

Or like this: