Shop type advice

In a rural area, surrounded by farms, there is a large shop that sells mostly animal feed. It also has pet foods (mainly aimed at sheepdogs, but is still useful for poodles); outdoor stuff (aimed at farmers, but still useful for hillwalkers or tourists) and tools (perfectly usable for DIY) etc.

I’m tempted to tag it landuse=industrial, but it doesn’t quite fit – advice?

— also – related —

If you decide that a shop is in fact 2 (or more) separate types of shop at the same time, how should this be tagged?

The easy way out is:
name=“Farmboy & Co”
note=“sells mostly animal feed. It also has som pet foods ; outdoor stuff (for farmers) and tools etc.”

The hardway is to find someone who has had the need to tag something similar, and discuss with them.

The second question I’m not really sure…

You can also add the ‘shop’ key, e.g. shop=doityourself;hardware;outdoor