Shop=safety_equipment - is there a better tag for that?

There are some shops selling various kind of safety equipment. Some may focus on firefighting-related equipment and/or some sell personal protection items (eye protection, hard hats, working clothes) and/or warning signs, flashing lights and so on.

Would shop=safety_equipment be a good fit? With optional subtags like safety_equipment=firefighting Or is there some better tagging for this shops?

It’s not a bad idea, but when a lot of the “safety” shops, mainly sell work clothes & safety boots, where do you draw a line between shop=clothes & shop=safety?

I admit that for some type of shops both may be valid.

Though I would use shop=safety_equipment if clothes would be something normally worn solely to protect against some danger (other than weather, social embarrassment and attacks) and not used in other context.

For example I would expect selling safety boots in addition to all other kind of shoes to be tagged as shoe shop, but shop selling solely safety shoes for work in a steel mill as shop=safety_equipment

Though shop=shoes shoes=safety_equipment would not be terribly wrong either.

That would work, as would
shop=clothes + clothes=workwear + workwear=safety_equipment

The chain I’m most familiar with in the UK doesn’t easily fit into e.g. “clothes” or “shoes”, any more than a typicalshop=outdoors would (they do sell clothes and shoes, and more, but those two items don’t define what they do). They’re not well mapped in the UK - some shop=trade (somewhat accurate; I guess a lot of their sales are B2B), some shop=yes, some no shop tag at all.

shop=safety_equipment would be a good fit for them.

shop=trade trade=safety_equipment safety_equipment= would also potentially work, though not sure is there any real benefit for that.

Hier habe ich ebenfalls so ein Geschäft, es werden neben Arbeitsschutz-Bekleidung auch Erste Hilfe Koffer, Defibrillator (mit Service) Feuerwehr Equipment und Beratungen zum Thema Arbeitsschutz angeboten.
shop=safety_equipment würde hier gut passen.

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