Shop rendering

I added Astan Publications to OSM but the mapnik redering doesn’t seems to show the place. Is there any other possibility (by changing the tag ?) to show the the place with mapnik redering.

Please do not hijack other threads. The original problem was about Mapnik. Your problem relates to the standard OSM rendering.

It is also invalid because that node is showing on the standard “layer”. However note that changing tagging to make something appear n the standard layer is “tagging for the renderer”. You should not do it, but accept that no rendering can afford to display all the information that can be included in the map.

alt is not a defined key name.

name:en appears to be redundant with respect to name and should be the same, but is different. Both should be what appear on the shop sign.

telephone should be in the international format, i.e. +94 11 2508535

Does it not also have a Sinhalese name?

(I’m surprised the tagging guidelines are silent on language, given that English does not appear to be an official language of the country and normal policy is to map names in the language(s) in which they appear on actual signs. India has a specific policy to map in English, but often mapping in English seems to be the result of a mistaken view that OSM is an English language map, or it is seen as the language of the intelligentsia.

Given Sri Lanka’s history, I would have thought an official policy on mapping languages was rather important.

I accept that, in the major cities, many business signs are in English, and so should be mapped that way, but I’m not so sure about street names and place names.

I note that the country itself is named in both and only Tamil and Sinhalese, with “Sri Lanka” as a name:en, which appears to conform to the default policy, so I would expect all place and road names to follow the same conventions, except possibly for some private roads and gated estates. )

Also check the road name. I’ve found a picture of the road name sign on a source that cannot be used for OSM, and it is different, not just in the selection of languages. The road name at the foot of their web page also disagrees with that on OSM.

Also, I’ve found the shop sign on the source that cannot be cited and it is not even on the same road, but rather at the address on to top of the web page. (The web site does look confused about the address, but I’d have to assume that a business would get its address right in the “letterhead”.) That road’s sign, on the un-citable source, also doesn’t match the name on OSM.

Especially as they talk about their agents, I am getting the impression that this is not a book shop,but the office of a book publisher, probably a home business. An office wouldn’t show on the standard layer.

I’d suggest removing it, and scheduling an on the ground survey, of both the location of the shop and the names of roads in the area.

I am sorry I have not intention to hijack any other thread. I came from bing search engine and I landed over there.
I am native Tamil speaker. I have limited knowledge to read and write Sinahala, name:si supposed to be ඇස්ටන් if not some one correct it. I removed the alt tag. I changed the phone number to international format.
Astan publication publish General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level and Advance Level past papers from the with the approval of examination department here in Sri Lanka. As a Teacher myself I think it’s quite important to map their location.

I have detached this thread (and gave it a name, because it’s needed).

Publishing is not the same as being a shop. Would the general public be expected to visit this place on a regular basis and buy their products?

I can’t use the sources I’ve used to check this as the basis for mapping on OSM, but to me it doesn’t look like a shop. If it is really a publisher, then office=publisher would be more correct, and that will not appear on the standard map rendering, because people don’t regularly visit those offices in person.

To me it seems they are mainly a mail order business doing bulk sales, and an individual, wanting to make a purchase, would normally visit a conventional bookshop, rather than visiting the mapped location itself. A mail-order business would normally be mapped as office= although most E-bay businesses wouldn’t be mapped at all. The basic question is can they honestly answer yes to question 7 on If not, they are not a shop. If yes, they are likely to be both shop and office, and need tagging as both. certainly says they are a publisher, but says nothing about being a shop.

It looks like they have their own ISBN publisher number (978-955-0584), again suggesting a publisher, rather than a shop, although I can’t find an online list of these codes for Sri Lanka, to confirm that.

Also, if they only sell their own publications, books=academic is misleading. Someone searching the map would expect a selection of 1,000s of titles, or even 10,000s, but their ISBN has been allocated on the basis of no more than 100 titles. At the very least, as a shop, it would need a description tag explaining that that, and probably indicate the nature of those publications. I’m not sure I’d actually consider specimen exam papers to be academic books. They’d probably appear in the education section of a bookshop, but OSM books=* isn’t much used, and no-one has used an appropriate value yet.

I have added Astan Publishers from 92 Manning Place based on my GPS trace. There they mostly do typesetting work for the books. They are not selling any books over there They do sell books (only their publications) from 9 Alexendra place I changed books:school tag instead from academic. Government Text books are published by the education publications department via