Shop closure tagging

Is there a correct way to tag a shop that has now closed, my apologies if this has been asked before, I have marked a few shops as closed and use the tag operational status: closed, I have been contacted by a couple of members who advise me on additional tags but they are both totally different, so is it a matter of personal choice or where can i go to get this information?


In general closed shop= can be simply deleted.

If there are still remains of it visible (equipment, signs, etc) then some lifecycle prefix may make sense.

Which ones?

Closed shop - OpenStreetMap Wiki may help


I disagree.
In my experience it’s more often the case that there are remnants of the shop so I would say, like I said in my experience, that the application of the proper Lifecycle prefixes should be the general approach.
But this is just my experience with shops in my region.


If the building is still there, and is just waiting for a new tenant, tagging as shop=vacant will cause StreetComplete to periodically ask if there’s a new business there.