Shop=boutique - deprecation proposal

This shop value is highly confusing for many mappers as this is false friend in French with distinct meaning to English one.

I would recommend asking mappers to replace it with other shop values. Many, but not all would be well expressed by shop=clothes (some of them are completely different shops, again, especially in French speaking regions)

Is there some good reason to avoid removal of this shop value from use? It seems to be a big trap for data consumers and osm mappers who speak French

See Tag:shop=boutique - OpenStreetMap Wiki for the current documentation


I support this. Even in English the word “boutique” is not limited to small, fashionable clothing stores. It can also refer to small, fashionable stores selling other types of goods like housewares, hair & skin care products, etc.


:+1: … go ahead.

There are even “boutique hotels” that sell you nothing but a good night’s rest.


As a french, I agree with this message !


I edited Tag:shop=boutique - OpenStreetMap Wiki to include stronger call to not use it.


I marked it as deprecated in infobox.

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Since this tag is now deprecated, how should I map a shop that does not sell clothing (or at least not primarily) but rather multiple categories of items such as small furniture, clothing accessories (jewelry, handbags, etc), candles, soaps, and other related items (basically what would be meant by boutique in English)?

shop=general is too broad, while shop=clothes, =fashion_accessories, or =interior_decoration are not broad enough/are too specific.

I’ve been using shop=gift, but it isn’t quite satisfying.

Note that such shop having no good value was not affected by this change as shop=boutique was supposed to be for clothing shops.

I think that making new thread may be a good idea here.

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